Bathroom Design Trends of 2015

Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design Trends of 2015

Bathroom is one of the most used space of any home. Bathroom renovation not only improves the quality of your life but also adds value to your home. So, if you are all set to contact the Vancouver renovation contractors, consider the following upcoming bathroom design trends and make your bathroom a bliss.

Freestanding Tubs

Even when walk-in showers are the latest choice of many homeowners, not everyone wants to give up their bathtub. This is the reason, standalone bathtubs have become the popular choices. Pay careful attention while choosing the freestanding bath. Consider the silhouette of the tub so that it will match up with your bathroom layout. For instance, if yours is an angular bathroom then a curve bath could be an ideal choice. These tubs come in wide selection of colors and materials.

Clever Fixtures

Bid Adieu to basic shower and basin faucets and welcome smart and user-friendly fixtures that includes touch screen showers, thermostatic mixers and more. These fixtures provide more control over the flow, water temperature, etc.

Custom Vanities

People now look for customized vanities. The floating vanity is becoming increasingly popular that is designed to suit the aesthetics of the trendy design scheme. It provides plenty of storage space and a little wow factor to the bathroom.

Heated Flooring

Cold bathroom floors are always a matter of concern for homeowners of all age. The heat system under the bathroom floor eliminates this problem. You can choose to heat your shower floor to escape the chill of the early morning shower.

Consider these upcoming bathroom design trends! It can turn your bathroom into a functional, beautiful and creative space. For bathroom renovations in Vancouver, contact Euro Canadian Construction Corp.