Brilliant Ways to Remodel a Small Kitchen

Brilliant Ways to Remodel a Small Kitchen

Many well-designed condominiums and sub urban homes come with a small kitchen. While it may seem like a difficult task to remodel a small space, home renovation experts in Vancouver suggest four simple ways to give the small kitchen a fresh look.

Opt for open storage

Large overhead cabinets make the kitchen look much smaller and must be compulsorily replaced with alternative storage types like open shelves, magnetic holders or spice racks. These open shelves also offer a good opportunity to show off the trendy utensils in the kitchen.

Add elements of Glass

Elements made of glass have the power to create the illusion of space. Try adding glass doors to the kitchen cabinets or glass countertops for a more spacious looking kitchen. The secret here is that being able to see through the objects brightens up the place and creates what custom home builders call “negative space”.

Choose Appropriate Lighting

Fluorescent lights in the kitchen are common but may tend to be harsh and unnatural. These lights can be paired with some simple pendant lights for a softer and more pleasant ambience. Additionally, incandescent lights installed on top of countertops help create the illusion of space in a small kitchen.

Accommodate Smaller Appliances

Lastly, it is always better to keep things simple in a smaller kitchen. For instance, a countertop with two burners instead of four saves space and avoids the clumsy look. From the stove to the toaster, choose appliances that are smaller in size and efficient while preparing a meal.