Custom Home Builder

Personal service is the cornerstone for this custom home builder in Vancouver

Guest Blog By Heather Navarra, The Write Type

Living RoomJohn Gunson combines years of experience with unique talent to provide exactly what his clients want: high-end custom-built homes that amaze everyone who walks in. It’s an amazing goal, but John wouldn’t have it any other way. His company, Euro-Canadian Construction Corporation, specializes in building custom homes and completing high-end renovations in Vancouver Westside and Shaughnessy. John has earned an impeccable reputation in the industry based on integrity and exceptional personal service.

“When people walk into one of our completed homes,” says John, “our goal is to create a sense of wonder. When you can put together a house that people are in awe of, you know you’ve built something special. If they aren’t, we’ve done something wrong.” Indeed, the distinctive and prestigious homes that this company builds are second to none.

Wonder and admiration are the typical reactions to John’s work. With the accent on service, John works closely with the client as well as the architect and designer to create what some might call a masterpiece. Each home is quite unique from the next, but superior workmanship and attention to detail are hallmarks of every project. John chooses exactly the right tradespeople to provide specialized skills and expertise that complements the abilities of company staff, in order to produce a final product that is incomparable.

The company enjoys an excellent working relationship with top architects in the Vancouver area, who regularly recommend John based on the company’s strong reputation for successfully completing projects on time and within the agreed budget. “We pride ourselves on personal relationships,” says John. The process usually begins with an interview, followed by a bid process. Honest and forthright, John is consistently successful in winning bids and having jobs assigned, as a result of his extensive knowledge and experience along with his ability to develop a budget that is acceptable to the client.

But most importantly, John provides detailed information to ensure the client is confident in his company’s ability to deliver. That’s where the personal service comes in: ongoing consultations with the clients ensure they are kept well informed from start to finish. This premier homebuilder strives to understand the client’s needs and to deliver a finished home that exceeds the client’s expectations.

Some projects require the demolition of existing structures, while other lots are vacant and the creative process can begin immediately. John works closely with designers and architects during the build, suggesting alternatives to avoid technical problems later on. He also keeps a constant eye on costs to ensure the project is developed within the budget.

Family roomWith a carpentry certificate from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Burnaby, along with Construction Management training through Douglas College in Greater Vancouver, John has continued to upgrade his skills through the years. Following his apprenticeship, he worked as a carpenter and was consistently promoted, to foreman, superintendent, in commercial construction and eventually project manager, working on high-end homes.

John has also worked in Saudi Arabia and Japan, and taught construction in Ghana, Africa. During this time, he honed his people skills. “Dealing with people who don’t share the same language, you develop patience. I worked with tradespeople from all over the world: Palestine, Egypt, Philippines, Pakistan, and Thailand.” John is a natural in dealing with people and helping them feel at ease; a real ‘people person’.

About ten years ago, John started Euro-Canadian Construction Corporation. “Anybody can build a house,” says John, “but our company’s goal is to provide a true work of art.” John loves the creative opportunities that the work provides. Demanding and challenging, he is inspired by the work and enjoys watching the building grow. “Each day is like another brush stroke on the canvas of an oil painting.”

The company employs 12 people full time, and consistently calls on the expertise of as many as 30 or 40 tradesmen. John’s family also contributes significantly to the success of the business: Wendy (John’s wife of 22 years) handles the accounting and office management, and son Jeffrey works with John as a carpenter’s helper, while taking construction management courses at B.C.I.T. Jennifer-Lee his daughter also helps out in the office part-time while attending the University of Victoria.  Currently the company is building a private residence of 13,500 square feet, with anticipated completion by the summer of 2006.

Dining-RoomEach and every employee takes pride in what they contribute to the project, especially John. His dedication and hard work are the cornerstone of the business. He takes the time and has the energy to be a master at his work, providing a high level of quality and finishing. An elevated level of craftsmanship is evident in every home this company builds.

Webster’s Dictionary states that, “Creativity is marked by the ability or power to create – to bring into existence, to invest with a new form, to produce through imaginative skill, to make or bring into existence something new.” This is a perfect description of John’s approach. Staff and trades combine their imagination and creativity, leading to the incomparable accomplishments that are consistently evident in homes built by Euro-Canadian Construction Corporation. This type of creativity requires passion and commitment, as well as talent. Innovation is imbedded in the process.

With a genuine commitment to excellence and the highest standards of quality, John takes full responsibility for the work done on each home. Under his leadership, he sets an excellent example for others to follow. With his wide and varied experience, John knows the value of the saying “Do it right the first time,” and implements this philosophy from the foundation up. He also feels that nothing is impossible to build.

“Because our clients often want something unique, we are constantly investigating the latest products and techniques. When others might say ‘It can’t be done’, our goal is to find a way to create what the client or architect asks for. As a custom builder, you must be open to new ideas, and you have to invest time into research and development.” John consistently demonstrates an entrepreneurial willingness to take risks. Innovative in his approach to everything, John is prepared for the hard work required by this business, and has dedicated himself to continuing to learn. His clients are consistently thrilled with what is achieved.

Rear deck1The key to John’s personal service is the fact that this down-to-earth builder is on site every day. A hands-on approach sets John’s company apart from its competitors. His goal is to keep the company fairly small, to eliminate the need for project managers to run jobs. “I oversee the projects myself. I’m involved in each and every job from start to finish. I deal with all jobsite questions myself.”

The extraordinary quality of the results inspires and delights! Clients are ecstatic with the beauty and style of their homes, and consistently refer John for other high-end projects. Additionally, architects and designers also recommend John’s company. In fact, John doesn’t advertise because his reputation in the industry precedes him. Clients consistently demonstrate their confidence in his ability to deliver superior construction. He has reached a high level of achievement, and his contributions are providing special value to his clients as well as the community.

With each project, John continues his tradition of transforming the industry by producing a phenomenal product. A builder with vision, John loves the creative process, and doesn’t ever want to retire. “I enjoy myself too much,” he says. “My business is my life. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to work with clients to build their dream home. The job truly has its rewards.”