Top Four Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

Top Four Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Experts recommend homeowners to learn the new trends and obtain clear design ideas before remodelling such an important part of the living space.

As the New Year begins, here are some of the most popular kitchen trends to watch out for.

Traditional kitchen tables may be a thing of the past

While most homeowners who are remodelling their kitchen look at adding trendier options like kitchen islands or extra counter space, there are quite a few looking to keep the tables in the kitchen. However the traditional kitchen tables are being quickly replaced with pub-type tables or tall gathering tables. These tables are typically 30-45 inches tall and much higher than the average height of the traditional ones.

Time to try newer shades

While black, white and gray are the most common colours associated with the kitchen, home renovation contractors suggest bolder colours for the new season. Golden hues used to create kitchen accents and color blocked kitchens are expected to be the happening trends in 2016.

Homeowner embrace gourmet kitchens

The need to eat healthy and in style is on the rise and people tend to stock their kitchens with more amenities for a better lifestyle. This New Year, home owners will focus on creating more space in their floor plans as well as in the budgets.

High-Tech Cabinetry is on the rise

Technology has spread its wings across every facet of human life and renovation contractors have begun to add a tech perspective to kitchen cabinets too. Cabinets with hands-free features, tablet holders and charging docks are now very popular.